In a recent project undertaken by Paprikasoft, the website of the Balaton Boat Company (Bahart) got an overhaul.

The initial version was a Drupal 8 website with that somehow didn't utilize key Drupal features like language management, media handling, responsive images and breakpoints, etc. It also included a great amount of custom code  for features that Drupal already handles well and the frontend also wasn't developed along current best practices.

Key points:

  • New frontend theme based on the design of Gábor Dávid @ Paprikasoft
  • Complete overhaul of content management features, resulting in flexible page building options and a much more enjoyable content editing experience for the client
  • Rewrite of the search functionality to use Drupal's theme language (Twig) properly
  • Rewrite of the administration features that internal staff uses
  • Greatly improved page load times
  • Accessibility improvements