Some of the websites I built.

We built and maintain the website of the 16th district of Budapest. It's a pretty huge website with lots of content and it has been working flawlessly since 2016. 

The site includes a separate SOLR server that indexes all content and makes searching possible.

The look of the site is a bit dated but we already submitted our new design for approval, expected to launch later in 2019.

Process Control

Bilingual website for a Hungarian engineering company that aims to sell their product internationally.

Custom design by Gergő Zámbó turned into a fully functioning website.


  • Custom module developed to automatize the process of calculating & issuing update codes for customers
  • Protected firmware downloads (accessible for logged-in customers only)
  • Lead contact details after form submissions are automatically forwarded into the client's ERP system
  • Map listing of distributors worldwide

Budapest Nightlife Awards

Budapest Nightlife Awards is an award where people can vote for their favorite nightlife venues of Budapest in different categories.

The nomination of venues and the voting both take place on the website.

  • We developed a custom voting module that registers the votes and shows the current stand.
  • The voting is protected against automated vote submissions.
  • Setting the categories and starting the voting for next years is possible in a couple of clicks.

Design was created by Dániel Jani who does a fresh new design for each year.

In 2019 the same website conducted the 4th consecutive voting period for Budapest Nightlife Awards without any problems.

András Maros

András is a Hungarian writer who contacted us through a friend. His old website was complicated to update and the design was also outdated.

The new design (made by Dániel Kövesházi) was transformed by into a professional, functioning website. The new site is fully bilingual, it's content is easy to update without any programming knowledge.

The received static design was transformed to a responsive one to make sure the website looks good on all devices.


Website for Lärm techno club.

Design by Hargi Csík.

  • Drupal theme from custom design
  • Mobile & tablet friendly
  • Easy event administration
  • Multilingual event descriptions
  • Custom-colored Google Map on info page
  • Full-page gallery

Toldi Klub

Website for Toldi Klub bar & dance club in Budapest.

Design by Eszter Laki.

  • Drupal theme from custom design
  • Mobile and tablet friendly
  • Completely multilingual (English & Hungarian)
  • Custom date browsers (by month and date)
  • Slideshow gallery
  • Event listings with user-friendly content management


Product website for Useeme Bicycle Turn Signals, an exciting bike safety invention.

Design by Gergely Ferencz.

  • Drupal theme from custom design
  • Webshop (Drupal Commerce 2)
  • Multilingual & multi-currency
  • Newsletter subscription

Artist website for musician & DJ Péter Golyán.

Design by Gergely Ferencz.

  • Drupal theme from custom design
  • Release info pages
  • News, gigs and downloadable music listings
  • Calendar-based archive
  • Slideshow header display
  • Social media integration